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For Minor in Possession Education Services
541-973-2251 or call or text 541-292-0899 

MIP: The CUBE screens youth receiving MIP's for marijuana or alcohol to determine if MIP Education is appropriate.  Those demonstrating substance abuse issues will be referred to an appropriate treatment resource.

The C.U.B.E.'s Minor in Possession Program meets Jackson County's requirements for MIP education and consists of:

The initial screening

Four classes

An exit interview and urinalysis

Insurance does not cover Alcohol and Drug Education Classes.

Total cost for the program is $150. It can be paid all at once or at the time of each service:

$40 for the screening
$20 for each class
$30 for exit interview and U.A. 

The CUBE accepts cash or check only

Classes meet Wednesday's at 5:00 PM and are one hour long. 


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