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Individual, Group and Family Counseling:  Carol Law, has 35 years experience working with adolescents, parents, individuals and families. She specializes in the treatment of trauma related problems

- Consultations: are available to evaluate mental health, behavioral, and substance abuse issues.

- Family Education: The C.U.B.E. provides periodic educational seminars on current issues specifically geared to families.

- Community Education: The C.U.B.E. provides periodic one hour education for the community on topics such as behavioral issues, trauma, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), neuroplasticity. behavior, and other topics free of charge.

- Professional Trainings to agencies and organizations on:

- Motivational Interviewing 

- Trauma



- Referrals: Our personnel has worked in the Jackson County area for many years and are familiar with services offered by various organizations.   

The C.U.B.E. Education Center and Creating Success utilize evidence-based principles and practices, strength-based approaches, and trauma-informed practices. The use of enhanced Motivational Interviewing techniques has shown to improve success among many diverse groups.

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