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The Cube
Carol Law
Carol Law
I recently decided to revamp the CUBE website. I opened the CUBE education Center in the fall of 2014. After years in the counseling field, I believed we were focusing on the wrong thing, what's wrong with people.

I frequently ask people, do you ever get up in the morning and say:

Today I'm going to screw my life up and hurt everyone I love.

Nobody does that. Usually everyone is knocking themselves out trying to do "good" unless they've just given up. 

The CUBE was an effort to do something differnt. It was a dream, I decided to follow.

The past 5 years have been quite a journey. As always, things evolve slowly for me. I hope in this website to tell you what the CUBE is about. 

The CUBE is about focusing on what's right and a lot about the brain and the effects of trauma. 

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